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Discover the heart behind Damas Orchid.

Who we are

Let's introduce ourselves.

Step into a world of refined beauty and holistic well-being at Damas Orchid. Our sanctuary, nestled in Sharjah, invites you to experience a blend of luxury and personalized care that transcends ordinary beauty rituals. Embrace tranquility as we curate an exceptional journey tailored to enhance your natural radiance.

Keep your skin natural & healthy.

Embrace your beauty that radiates from within.


Damas Orchid is committed to excellence, integrity, and client-centric care, fostering a trustworthy atmosphere. Their focus is on enhancing beauty and nurturing well-being in every interaction.


Damas Orchid is dedicated to well-being, drawing inspiration from its name, "Damas," meaning beauty in Arabic. The Orchid symbolizes grace and renewal, highlighting the company's commitment to creating a transformative haven.

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Doaa Barakat

General Practitioner

Dr. Ali Al Hakim


Dr. Alaa Ramadan Ahmed


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Dr. Mohammed Saeed


Our Vision

We aim to go beyond traditional beauty and wellness, becoming the essential destination—a sanctuary like an orchid’s delicate bloom. Here, clients immerse themselves in a transformative journey of self-discovery and renewal. 


Foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation, embracing new technologies and advancements to enhance medical services.


Uphold high standards of professionalism in all interactions, maintaining integrity, respect, and confidentiality.


Adhere to ethical principles and honesty in all aspects of medical practice, promoting trust and transparency.

Our Mission

At Damas Orchid, our mission is deeply rooted in our name, "Damas," an Arabic word for beauty, guiding our unwavering commitment to well-being. The Orchid, symbolizing grace and renewal, reflects our dedication to creating a haven for transformative journeys.