Female Aesthetic

Discover a realm of discreet and specialized services at Damas Orchid, meticulously tailored to enhance the beauty and confidence of sensitive areas in women


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Competent medical worker injecting filler to the neckline

Feminine Illumination Fillers

Reveal immediate radiance with our Feminine Illumination Fillers, expertly designed to lighten, fill, and tighten, providing a revitalized appearance on the very same day.


HIFU and Plasma Intimacy Renewal

Experience intimate renewal with our Vaginal Tightening sessions using HIFU and Plasma, employing advanced technologies for a tightened and rejuvenated sensation.

Happy woman during electromagnetic procedure for urinary incontinence at medical clinic.

Incontinence Liberation Treatment

Liberate yourself from urinary incontinence with our specialized treatment, ensuring comfort and confidence discreetly.

Less Stress, More Bliss

Technological Bliss for Vaginal Comfort

Embrace comfort with the latest technologies for Vaginal Dryness treatment sessions, offering a tailored solution for optimal well-being.

Woman in professional beauty clinic during injections for rejuvenation

G Spot Revitalization Injection

Elevate pleasure discreetly with our G Spot Revitalization Injection, enhancing sensitivity for heightened satisfaction.

Female patient undergoing non-surgical skin tightening procedure

Non-Surgical Tightening Elegance

Embrace a non-surgical approach to tightening with Fillers, enhancing natural beauty with subtle and effective results.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face. Skin peeling.

External Radiance Peeling

Illuminate your external beauty with our External Radiance Peeling Sessions, delicately tailored for a refreshed and radiant appearance.

Infusion with Lemon, Cucumber and Mint.

Vitamin Infusion for Freshness

Revitalize from within with our Vitamins for Freshness and Lightening, promoting overall well-being and a radiant glow tailored for sensitive areas.


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Beauty is like being comfortable in your skin.

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